Vp5 Infusion Pump

Product Code VP5

Compact design;
3.5” large colour display;
User selectable eight levels of screen brightness, providing optimum view;
High flow rate accuracy is achieved: within ±3%;
Flow rate can be set from 0.1ml/h to 2000ml/h;
Advanced SEMI-PRESS system
Possibility to perform infusions in a variety of situations, such as small infusions for neonates and rapid infusion for emergency care;
Any change is accurately displayed both graphically and numerically, allowing the clinician to easily observe;
Pump provides up to 11 levels of pressure settings to match clinical requirements;
Four pressure units (mmHg, kPa, bar, psi) can be conversed automatically to meet different user requirements;
Special clamp design on the pump ensures that the clamp grips the infusion tube automatically when the door is opened, avoiding large amounts of liquids harming the patient;
Anti-bolus function;
6 levels of air bubble detection;
Up to 2000 pieces of infusion information will be stored automatically;
Eight application modes: Rate, Time, Body Weight, Ramp up/Ramp down, Sequential, Micro-infusion, Loading Dose, and TIVA mode;
Titration makes it possible to change flow rate during operation without stopping the pump, guaranteeing continuous infusion;
More than 9 hours of battery operating time with only 6 hours charging time;
Dimensions: 295mm (w) x 87mm(h) x 174(d).

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