Sp5 Syringe Pump

Product Code SP5

High flow rate accuracy is achieved: within ±2%;
Dedicated Mindray infusion sets be used delivering high accuracy over long periods;
More than 9 hours of battery operating time with only 6 hours charging time;
Various programming modes provide flexible options for clinical applications in different departments;
TIVA mode, hands-on and hands-free Bolus setting makes an anesthesia infusion simple with precise delivery;
All important parameters can be viewed from over 5 meters away, making hospital monitoring efficient and convenient;
Recognize various syringe brands and sizes;
Sizes: 5/10/20/30/50/60ml;
Horizontal design allows the pump to be easily stacked and inserted into the Dock;
Three levels of alarm for all security alarms (H, M and L) ,8 levels of adjustable alarm volume;
Alarm light is large and intuitive,clearly visible over long distance to maxmize patient safety;
Dimensions: 295mm (w) x 87mm (h) x 174 (d).

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